A few weeks ago, Jeremy Meeks, became an internet sensation when his mug shot was released. Many said Meeks is TOO good looking to be incarcerated and then all of a sudden, a Facebook Fan Page was created for him and there were even online petitions gathering donations for his bail! Well, San Francisco, has an answer to the Model Mug Shot Felon! Meet SFPD's Chris Kohrs! Kohrs' ALSO has a Facebook Fan Page dedicated to him JUST like Meeks and has been dubbed the "Hot Cop of Castro" throwing him into the National Spotlight!

Bay Area- What do you think? Which side of the law are YOU on?!? LOL!

COMMENT, SHARE & VOTE BELOW:  So, WHO'S HOTTER? The Good Guy or the Bad Boy? Are you a sucker for a man in uniform? Do you prefer The Boys in Blue or County Orange?