Vin Los is a 24 model from Montreal, Canada and he has covered his face, neck and torso with several tattooed words!
Vin also tattooed his own name in BIG letters on his stomach. Vin’s arms and face are covered with words like as ‘sex bomb’, ‘iconic’, ‘fame’ and more... Vin Los has also had hairs tattooed onto his chest....
In a recent interview Vin said:

'I want to be an image for people to look at, something that has an impact. Everybody who sees me is bound to ask questions: “Why fame? What’s his life like?”’

In the same interview  Vin also said:

‘It’s very superficial. I’ll go on YouTube and listen to all the big hits and I’ll just take words from these songs. For example, “Top of the World” is from the song by The Cataracs, but it’s also what I want.

‘A lot of people ask me if I’m scared I might regret it one day. If I was indecisive, I don’t think I would write on my face.’

Vin also said that he wants to be ‘the most famous man in the world.’

Check out some pics of Vin:

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