The JV Show's Artist of the Moment

Do you know the one thing Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, The Weekend, Ed Sheerhan, and Maroon 5 all have in common? At one time, nobody knew who they were!

The JV Show’s Artist of the Moment is a way to highlight and up and coming artists that JV, Selena, Graham, and Crystal are liking a lot. And they hope you will, too. The artist will be interviewed on The JV Show, we’ll play their song on the air, (and sometimes ask them to perform it live on the air!) and we’ll social it out to everyone who’s a fan of The JV Show & Wild 94-9.

We know you love music and are always looking to discover who’s next. The JV Show is, too!

The next JV Show Artist of the Moment is... Skylar Stecker!

skylarListen to the JV Show this Friday morning (May 19th) at 9:20 AM for a special interview with Skylar Stecker

Get to know Skylar and her music before she hits the stage at our Hot Day South Bay concert later this summer!

@SkylarStecker on Twitter 

Skylar Stecker on Facebook





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