Katrina B

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Katrina B

Yooooo! I'm Katrina B and I do a little bit of everything!

I'm on-air and I DJ for WiLD 94.9. You can usually hear me on the weekends - on Saturday hosting the Saturday Night Street Party from 8p-3a or Sunday from 3-7p! I actually even hop on the turntables and mix Saturday nights at 2am after you've left the club and had a couple drinks in your system! =) Sometimes I even hop on the mic with my sis, Nessa during her night show weekdays from 7p-12a!

I graduated from San Francisco State University (BECA, waddup!) and I love good music, good food, good people, dope sneakers and my 2 nephews Mason and Devin! I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to be doing something I love especially with people I love! Life is too short, if you want something, GO GET IT!

If you need more help understanding who I am, please listen to TLC's Hat 2 Da Back. Thanks.

Hit me up on Twitter or Instragram: username - mightykatrinab

"I've got a lot of livin' to do 'fore I die, and I ain't got time to waste."


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