Does Sacramento really deserve to be ranked at the top of the list of ugliest people in the country? Readers of Travel and Leisure seem to think so.

The capital city of arguably the most beautiful state in the U.S. ranked second, behind only Baltimore, on the list of cities with the least attractive people, according to Travel and Leisure.

In a new Travel and Leisure survey of America's favorite Places, readers scored cities on a bunch of things including how hot or not residents are. "Sacramentans don’t earn high marks for their looks, but readers did give them an A for effort," the article said. "They received a perfect score for being active, which is easy to do in California’s state capital, just two hours from Lake Tahoe and Yosemite."

Here's the full list of cities with the least attractive people:

1. Baltimore, Maryland

2. Sacramento, CA

3. Spokane, Washington

4. Charlotte, North Carolina

5. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

6. Cleveland, Ohio

7. Tampa, Florida

8. Atlanta, Georgia

9. Memphis, Tennessee