Abusive Mom Is In Jail...Then Sister Steps Up To Surprise Brothers By Getting Custody Of Them.

Melissa has had a tough life.  She grew up in and out of foster care and had a mother who was in and out of jail. Despite those struggles, she has made so much of her life.  She's a Marine and has become an inspiration to her brothers, J.J. and Christian.

They were always split up in separate foster homes.  In fact, Melissa hasn't seen her brothers in about 6 years. 

After finding out that her mother recently tested positive for drug use, she decided to try and get full custody of her brothers.

She knew there would be an uphill battle, but she did not let that stop her from driving 2,000 miles to plead her case in front of a judge.

With a little help from some friends, Melissa is about to change the lives of J.J. and Christian.

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