Many People Are Calling Out Kim K for this "Insensitive" Pic About the Manchester Tragedy

Many are saying it was super insensitive for Kim K to post an "irrelevant" photo of her at a club with Ariana Grande to show support of the tragedy in Manchester.. It's important to note that other celebs did this as well like Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson.. 

Some comments from Perez Hilton:

"Ridculous insincere and irrelevant. How is a picture of you in a nightclub (probably made time to make sure you looked nice in it) in any way suitable for the events of today? It is not about one person even if she is a pop star. People have died and are suffering. You never fail to disappoint. Vacuous sole"

"There is no point to post a picture of herself with Ariana. She could of just made a status. And yet she still finds a way to include herself. Typical Kim Kardashian."

"This is a totally unsuitable picture in relation to #kimkardashian 's post about the tragedy in Manchester- bad taste and crass- I know Ariana's in it but still is this what the victims and their families want to see? I respect her kind words though"

"this idiot posting a picture of herself smiling with Ariana Grande after what's happened today. Got to make it about her somehow"

"How about instead of worrying about Ariana who was completely unharmed and one of the only people we know for sure is okay, we worry about the many children and others who lost their lives and family. Smh. Also the picture is a bit narcissistic and a lot insensitive."

"Ariana must be so upset, but it's not her who died or lost her child last night! The photo isn't really appropriate, given the circumstances."

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