The JV Show's Artist of the Moment: Skylar Stecker

Skylar Stecker was featured as The JV Show's Artist of the Moment, so she came by the WiLD 94.9 studios to sit down with JV, Selena and the gang to talk about her journey, her music, and her plans for the future!

Skylar talks about meeting fans after she presented at the Radio Disney Music Awards, and making her music video for "Only Want You" (which was shot all in one take on the streets of Hollywood). 

JV was jealous of Skylar's confidence in the video, to which she responded, "I'm actually a shyer person when it comes to just being by myself, like in my personal life. But anything having to do with music... I love it so much, so I feel a sense of comfort whenever I'm doing anything [with music]."

The 15-year-old singer also talked about her experience performing the National Anthem at Lambeau Field in Wisconsin, where she was raised. She's performed it so many times that it doesn't even faze her anymore, she said.

She describes her new single "Only Want You" as a song about being in a relationship with someone you have high expectations of, but then they go and do something that makes you question it... but with a "fun twist."

She's also been nominated to be this year's iHeartRadio Macy's Rising Star. You can vote for her now to open the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival!

Though she's dabbled in modeling and acting, Skylar says she just wants to focus on her music right now. Of all the people in the music industry, she says she most wants to meet Bruno Mars. "I just have so much respect for him," she said. "He's an amazing performer. I love his new music right now. He's just killin' it."

Listen to her full interview up top to hear more about Skylar. You can come watch her perform LIVE at California's Great America for our WiLD 94.9 Hot Day South Bay on June 11th, along with Flo Rida, 99 Percent, Blackbear, and more!

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