Does Kanye West have something to do with Taylor Swifts new album?

Well this week the Swifties were shook after Taylor Swift left her social media completely blank. Later to find out that that weird snake on her IG was a part of her promotion for her new album, Reputation. The album is set to drop November 10th, rumor has it the first single is REALLY good. 

Once Taylor took to social to share the cover, a lot of people are wondering if this promotion/album art has a connection to anyone. 


Hmmm c'mon I know you can see it. Ok, fine i'll tell you. Doesn't this kind of remind you a little bit of Kanye's Life of Pablo font/merch? People wasted no time taking to Twitter to voice their thoughts. 


The real question is, do you think Kanye West has some type of connection to the new album? Let us know your thoughts! 


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