Mayor Ed Lee Passes

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This is still hard to absorb. I literally cannot believe this. Although, I never met Ed Lee I have followed him, and all the wonderful things he has done for the city. I sincerely hope his family will be okay and will keep him in our prayers. #RIPEDLEE

Mayor Ed Lee and I June 26, 2012! #RIP #EdLee #Mayor #SanFrancisco #SF

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I was lucky enough to share a few words and chuckles with Mayor Ed Lee and his team. He gave me some real words of encouragement and that is very helpful to a small business owner like myself. I’m happy that he made the time to support many of our small businesses that night. I was delighted to hear that he was really excited to come try the variety of @thelumpiacompany . He really loved the Thanksgiving Holiday Turkey & Stuffing Lumpia. Please send prayers for his family, team and friends. You were a good man to many of us. #RIP #EdLee

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Sharing this Tuesday morning with a saddened and heavy heart, that our beloved Mayor has passed away. I've been blessed to have known and worked for #MayorEdLee the past few years; on his #campaign, in #politics, in the back rooms of #CityHall, in his office #chambers, in the elevators before he spoke to a crowd, on #muni, and in the public. * He was one to always #getthepoint. * He was always kind, gentle, attentive and thoughtful. And he always looked me in the eye with a warm smile and shook my hand, "Good to see you again, Larry!" * It was always great to see you #MrMayor! And it's been an honor to serve you. * My thoughts and prayers to your wife Anita and your family. May you #restinpeace #Mayor #EdLee. You've left a legacy of #love, #beauty and #leadership here in #SanFrancisco; and you'll be in our #hearts and a part of #history of this city forever. * #lwongphoto #LWongMedia #lwongdigital

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