Study claims California has the Worst 'Quality of Life'

A recent study done by U.S. News has ranked California as the worst state in the country for "quality of life." 

The study covers both "natural environment" such as drinking water quality, pollution, and air quality, as well as "social environment," like community engagement and voter participation. 

"Studies show that when people feel socially supported, they experience greater happiness, as well as physical and mental health," U.S. News says.

California ranked 44th and 47th in these categories, respectively, landing it at the bottom of the list overall.

In case you're curious, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin topped the list, with fellow west-coast states Oregon and Washington coming in at 18th and 21st.

Now, I think this is pretty absurd. There should be many more factors that determine 'quality of life'... what about California's great weather, natural beauty, and amazing mix of cultures? And don't forget that the same site ranked California as #1 for venture capital#1 for public health, and #4 for economy

But when taking all factors into account, U.S. News says that the #1 best state is... wait for it... Iowa! So, who's ready to move?

Photo: Getty Images

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