5 Sleep-Habit Idea's To Help You Adjust To Daylight Savings

Soooo Daylight Savings is this weekend. It'll happen at 2am this Sunday, and we will lose an hour technically. Here's a few ideas to get you prepared..

There are five ways to help yourself adjust faster to losing that hour of sleep; (1) No caffeine after Noon, as it causes you to sleep lighter or wake from sleep more often. (2) Using meditation instead of online shopping or a light night T.V. program to put you to sleep. (3) No blue light after dinner, this means, T.V.s, cell phones or pads. The blue light gives your body the signal that it’s still daylight and keeps you awake, opt for a Kindle or paper book instead. (4) Instead of that glass of wine try herbal tea with passionflower, catnip, hops or lemon balm that can kick your brain into a state of rest. (5) Ditch your morning energy drink for adaptogenic mushrooms to add to your coffee, the fungi promotes homeostasis and help you to adapt to stress. 

I know it's tough but hopefully one or some of these thoughts will help! What do you do to help adjust to Daylight Savings Time? More on this here.



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