Logic confirms divorce and releases statement

When I first heard about this I really didn't want to believe it. But, sadly it is indeed a fact. Logic and his estranged wife Jessica Andrea have split. It’s being said that Logic actually initiated the breakup by telling Andrea that he “just wanted to be single.” 

After the success of his Grammy nominated suicide prevention hit, “1-800-273-8255”, Logic began to distance himself from the social media/singer. A prenup is in place and Andrea will receive an undisclosed amount of money, but will not get the house or the car. Andrea who moved out of the house that she shared with Logic, has now moved into a relative's home. 

The couple released the following statement on Tuesday, “It’s very simple,” they wrote. “It just didn’t work out. There is no anger involved.” I've been a fan of Logic for years now and despite the statement made I really wonder if this is how it all really went down? I also find the timing of this very...'interesting'. As you can see people on social I think are definitely speculating but I really wouldn't see any truth to any of it right now. I wish nothing but the best for Logic he truly is the real deal. I still remember being one of his first interviews like 6 years ago. Check it all out below.



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