Cardi B demands to know where her tax money is going

 Cardi B is definitely WINNING in the game right now. Financially speaking I guess the whole tax thing is new to her and she definitely has words. Cardi took to her Instagram to ask Uncle Sam for an detailed account of where 40 percent of her income was going and what the government and her city of New York is doing with it. “When you donate, like, to a kid from a foreign country, they give you updates of what they're doing with your donation,' she said. 'I want updates on my tax money!”  

Cardi demanded “I’m from New York...we was voted the dirtiest city in America,' she said, adding that 'there's still rats in the trains.” Is tax season getting you down?

I love that she point blank put it out there as can all relate. Here's the sad issue....I think no matter what we demand as citizens at the end of the day the government can say whatever they want to say, and make up any excuse they want feel me? At the end of the day even if she got 'receipts', how do you even know it's legit? Peep the story here.

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