Second Autopsy Reveals Stephon Clark Was Shot Eight Times

The doctor who was asked to perform a second autopsy on the body of Stephon Clark says Clark was hit several times. 

"There were a total of eight gunshot wounds, a total of eight gunshot wounds. Meaning he was hit by eight bullets," Dr. Bennet Omalu told reporters. 

Dr. Bennet Omalu said six of those shots were in the back. He added that it took about three-to-ten minutes for Clark to die after he was shot. Clark was unarmed when he was shot by police on March 18th while in his grandmother's backyard.  The results of the independent autopsy were announced by lawyers for the Clark family yesterday.   Dr. Omalu is best known for his work diagnosing brain damage in football players.

Clark was shot eight times, but he did not die immediately, Omalu said. 

"Staff working on Clark saved eight bullets," Dr. Omalu said. "The death took about three to ten minutes, it was not an instantaneous one." 

The shooting death of Clark has prompted several days of protests in Sacramento.

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