Blac Chyna loses stroller deal after fight

Looks like a deal Blac Chyna was working on with stroller company, Momiie has been wiped out. The stroller company is cutting ties with the mother of two after she almost got into a fight with a patron of Six Flags after the woman touched Chyna’s daughter, Dream Kardashian.  Chyna used Dream’s stroller as a weapon against the woman, an act which the stroller company says was “the last straw”.  

The company apparently already gave Chyna the side eye after her 'tape' leaked on social media and because of her bad attitude.  A representative for Momiie told TMZ, “[We] cannot excuse that sort of reaction and behavior particularly in a family resort around children.” 

My question is do you think the outcome is deserved? Or, was Blac Chyna totally in the right for handling the situation like she did?



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