Colin Farrell checks himself into rehab

After years of fighting addiction, Colin Farrell has checked himself back into rehab. The actor has a past that includes an addiction to pain pills and alcohol. After being sober for 12 years a source says Farrell isn’t drinking again, the actor just finished back to back movie productions and needed some “me-time.” 

During a 2008 interview with the UK’s Jonathan Ross, Farrell revealed that due to drug and alcohol abuse, he wasn’t able to remember the past 10 years. “I was very drunk or high for about 16 years, it was a tough life change. But I was dying, and I’m one of the lucky ones.” Farrell is using his time in rehab to “tune-up and reset”. 

My thoughts are good for Colin, I think it was a good decision based off his past + anytime you can receive 'help' from others sometimes on things beyond your control that can be a good thing. More on the story here.



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