Orlando Brown Arrested In His Underwear

Orlando Brown is outta control man. He was arrested Friday morning after Lucky the Bounty Hunter entered a man’s home looking for the “That’s So Raven” star. The owner was very adamant that he didn’t want the men entering his home, Lucky told TMZ that he had legal paperwork and warrants that allowed him and his team to search for Orlando. After searching the home thoroughly, Brown was found in a closet wearing a T-shirt and underwear. 

According to TMZ Brown had an arrest warrant for failure to appear in court after striking his girlfriend in Torrance, California last year. According to the Las Vegas homeowner, he was allowing Brown to stay at his home as a favor to his neighbor.  Brown’s girlfriend showed up at the homeowner’s home on Thursday and alerted him that Brown was a fugitive. The homeowner believes that his home was entered unlawfully and says his door and shoulder was damaged during the raid and plans on contacting the police about the incident. 

You think Orlando Brown is pretty much done or can he be saved?

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