This Instagram Model Sentenced to 8 Years for Smuggling Cocaine

A Canadian woman, Mélina Roberge, has been sentenced by an Australian judge to eight years in prison. Roberge was one of two women caught attempting to smuggle 31 kilos of cocaine into Australia on a cruise ship in August 2016. 

It looks like she was some sort of Instagram 'Model", and I use that term loosely, and basically got funded this lavish trip by this illegal act. It's pretty sad if you ask me that these people try so hard for attention, and 'likes' that they go to such great lengths in breaking the law.

My question is she originally was facing life. She only got 8 years, with a guaranteed 4 so she may even do LESS time. Do you think this a fair punishment, or way to light? Read more on this crazy story here.

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