The Word is Tristan Thompson Used Instagram to Cheat

Despite being caught cheating on baby mama Khloe Kardashian, basketball player Tristan Thompson is dedicated to being a father to their new baby.  Thompson has been in news headlines after not only being seen with other women but being called out for secretly messaging multiple women on Instagram, all while Khloe was pregnant with their baby. 

Khloe was not standing for it and according to sources is living alone with their newborn baby girl, who they named True, however, it is said that she is being very "favorable" as far as Thompson's desires to see his daughter. He gets to visit and facetimes with the little one while he's on the road with his basketball team the Cavs. 

The question is should Tristan be allowed into their lives? And, how did you catch your partner cheating? Did they use social media?

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