The 5 Best Boba Spots in The Bay Area

We scoured over tons of reviews on Yelp to help find YOU the best Boba drinks in the Bay Area, here are the top spots according to reviews on Yelp!

Belly Good Cafe & Crepes

Kintetsu Mall1737 Post St

Ste 393 San Francisco, CA 94115

"A good stop to satisfy your thirst for boba and craving for ice cream!  This place is really busy.  But don't be discouraged with the line - it does go by fast." 

  Felisha L.

Purple Kow

3620 Balboa St San Francisco, CA 94121

"One of my all-time favorite boba places in SF. There's a huge selection of drinks in milk, tea, and even slushy form. In the milk options, you can choose between organic milk and non-dairy creamer, which is a huge plus for those who are lactose-intolerant. They also have specialized drinks (called QQ) that is a mixture of different teas and toppings. You can also customize your drink between sugar and ice levels. Pretty standard for a boba shop, but necessary!

My go-to drinks are:

1. Purplekow Milk Tea (green and black are both good!)

2. Matcha Milk Green Tea

3. Purple Kow Iced Milk Drink (in D3 or D4)

4. High Mountain Oolong Crema w/ Amber Jelly"

- Michelle L


177 Pelton Ctr Way San Leandro, CA 94577

"This is the boba go-to for many SL locals. The line sometimes goes out the door. If you went to school in SL in the past, it's very easy to run into old friends here. The T4 nearby is still popular but they lost a lot of traffic to iTea. I usually get the Ice Milk here. I don't think it's for everyone though since it's just basically sweet milk but regular tea isn't sweet enough for me. I also recommend the Roasted Oolong creama, the contrast between tea and saltiness is delicious."

- Michael L

Boba Guys

429 Stockton St San Francisco, CA 94108

"My friend got horchata milk tea which I took a sip of. I actually really liked it. I would probably order that next time. Their boba is pretty good though. Nice and chewy! Really want to give this place another try. Heard some pretty good things about their other drinks so I have high hope for those when I come back in the future."

- Tricia Y

85 Degrees

5-L Serramonte Ctr Daly City, CA 94015

"I've tried Iced sea salt mountain green tea, iced sea salt jasmine green tea, iced green milk tea, iced black milk tea. Their milk teas are decently good but not the best. A tad bit too milky for my taste. TRY THE ICED SEA SALT drinks they are SO good. The green tea one is my fav. Nice tea-y taste while cream blends with in perfect combination. *i prefer to shake mine as well before putting the straw in*As for their BOBA, try it! Nice, chewy, and tasty!"

- Michele G.

Other honorable mentions include:

Plentea (Berkeley)

T-Pumps (Burlingame)

Honey Lemon (San Bruno)

Did we miss a spot? Which is your favorite?

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