The G-Eazy Arrest Prompted By Fan Who Wanted Pictures

An update on G-Eazy’s Swedish arrest has surfaced, according to TMZ a fan was trying to get a picture with G-Eazy but was turned away by the rapper’s security. The fan was being persistent and came back 5 minutes later to take a picture of G-Eazy anyway, that’s when G-Eazy’s security grabbed the phone from the fan and smashed it on the ground.

 Club security then intervened which started a fight with G-Eazy’s crew and ended with G-Eazy punching a club security and being taken away in handcuffs. G-Eazy’s girlfriend Halsey and rapper Sean Kingston were also present. G-Eazy is still being held on assault and drug possession after cocaine was found in Eazy’s pocket during the arrest. 

This happens all the time with celebrities. I definitely think fans need to give them space. I'm not saying the fan deserved what happened BUT they could of just walked away and let it go right? In regard to the drug possession refer to my podcast where I discuss it. More on the story here.



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