Did Jennifer Aniston Confront Selena Gomez Over Justin Theroux?

Despite their age difference, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston have been friends for a few years now, hanging out in NYC and at each other's houses. Aniston has even described Gomez as her "little cherub" that she wants to "take care of".  So you can imagine Aniston's surprise when photos came out of Gomez and Aniston's ex-husband, Justin Theroux. 

According to a source close to the two, Aniston called Gomez to get to the bottom of it. Aniston has been described as feeling "betrayed" over this whole situation, which apparently is affecting Selena as well. Again, this is a rumor it isn't 100% true.

Assuming it is though. have you ever had a friend date your ex after a break-up? What's the story behind that?



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