An Astrologist breaks down Ariana and Pete Davidson's relationship

It looks like their's always a reason why things happen. An Astrologist actually has good reason how Ariana and Pete's relationship came into fruition. It all stems from when Pete Davidson's did a skit on SNL with her back in 2017 according to him.

Another note, Ariana and her now fiance, are both still floating on clouds after their engagement. But you know what comes after engagement? A wedding! According to sources, Grande has been planning her dream wedding long before Davidson was even in the picture. This is what we know so far. Grande plans to have her older brother Frankie walk her down the aisle. She also has 9 rescue dogs and she's planning on including them in it somehow too. So, it's sure to be a wild one! Ariana's been going through some hairstyle changes, which one do you think she'll rock for her wedding?

Also, today is a BIG day! Make sure and check out the new song today on Wild with Nicki Minaj ft. Ariana 'Bed'. We'll be playing it every hour near the beginning of the hour!

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