Celebs Helping Families Separated at Border

By now many of us have seen and heard about the horrible situations taking place at the U.S.-Mexico border, and Steph and Ayesha Curry are taking action. Usually situations like this are hard to process because as a spectator we feel very helpless, but thanks to celebs like the Curry's we are being given ways that we can help through donations. Both Ayesha and Steph shared the following post on their Instagrams:


"Baby2Baby is collecting basic essentials to create bundles of highly needed items for immigrant children through our partnership with Kids in Need of Defense. Please click the link in our bio to purchase blankets, diapers and more from our registry." - Steph Curry via Baby 2 Baby

The Curry's aren't the only ones trying to spread the word on ways we can help though! Everyone's favorite Twitter Troll Slayer, Chrissy Teigen, and her husband, John Legend, have also been putting the word out and trying to bring awareness to the situation. They recently spoke out about a donation they made to the ACLU to try to help the countless families that have been torn apart in just the last few weeks,


Thankfully, it looks like Chrissy and John's birthday gesture for the president resonated with the internet because she posted this a few days later thanking her followers for their own contributions to the ACLU which will be attempt to stop the current situation affecting thousands of innocent children:


Natalie Portman started a petition, which you can view/sign here and reposted this moving quote Shonda Rhimes had put up.


Other celebs that have expressed their rage over the immigration situation going on include Kristen Bell, Jimmy Kimmel and America Ferrera and Amy Schumer who is spreading the word about Natalie's petition


Oprah's BFF, Gayle King, is also getting involved by going down to the border and reporting for CBS about the situation happening at these toddler detention centers. Winfrey helped spread the word about the report via her own Instagram:


It's amazing when celebrities use their social media platforms to inspire change and action.

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