If your a Krispy Kreme fan they have two new flavors

Krispy Kreme has new flavors for the summer! Get ready to satisfy your fix for sweets with two new Krispy Kreme doughnuts inspired by summer desserts. The first is a Strawberries and Kreme doughnut. It mixes strawberries with the traditional Kreme filling and is topped with strawberry icing. The other new treat is the Banana Pudding doughnut. It has a banana custard filling with icing and is topped with Nilla wafer pieces. 

No word on how long the doughnuts will be around but they are available at your participating Krispy Kreme locations. I will admit I haven't had Krispy Kreme in a very long time until recently. I went to the one in Mountain View and had a regular doughnut hot off the oven with some fresh milk and it was delicious! Are you definitely going to be trying these over the summer?



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