G-Eazy was recording with Halsey days before their breakup

One of the biggest stories of the past week was the split of G-Eazy and Halsey. Billboard has just published an interview with G-Eazy that was conducted just days before the public breakup. G-Eazy said about Halsey, "We were just in the studio the other night and we made a couple records. She’s one of the most talented people in music. I tell her this all the time like there’s only like six of you on the planet that are this good. And she’s really rare! It’s just dope." The interview hits on other topics like his European tour, his Bay Area upbringing and more. 

Also, this is just a rumor but the word is Halsey might be seeing rapper MGK. They were spotted hanging out after a Post Malone show AND they have a brief history together.  If this is a fact my question is, how fast was it before YOU or YOUR ex started dating someone else?



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