A Year Later and the Same DJ Claims Taylor Swift "Ruined My Life"

Remember the Dj, David Mueller?  He lost the lawsuit against Taylor Swift after he groped her during a photo op is speaking out about the damage to his career. He spoke with RadarOnline.com about the incident and says that “Taylor ruined my life.” Mueller admits that while taking the picture with Swift was ‘awkward’ he says that he never grabbed Taylor. 

 Mueller says that since the case, “he hasn’t been himself” and he’s “scared to talk to women.” Mueller isn’t sorry for countersuing Swift and has since returned to doing radio at a small station in Mississippi, "I don't want anything bad to happen to her, I don't have a lot of listeners anymore but if I can keep doing radio then I'll consider myself a lucky guy." said Mueller 

Do you feel bad for this guy whatsoever? Or, do you think he asked for everything that he's gotten?

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