Bow Wow Explodes on Social Media

Bow Wow exploded on Twitter recently, after a Twitter user exposed him in the club with a girl who wasn’t his girlfriend. Bow Wow had posted pictures of his girlfriend, Kiyomi on Saturday and in response the Twitter user posted the pictures of Shad Moss and another unknown girl with the caption “Once a cheater always a cheater” and this sent Bow Wow into a fury. The Twitter user also revealed she was in Bow Wow’s section with a friend when they got kicked out for recording Bow Wow and people in the section, Bow Wow responded with a tweet, “I don't do cameras u stupid b***h! Come in my section recording! So we shut your bright ass camera down u got mad so u tweet my b***h. Id pay a b***h 1000 to slap the lacefront off yo dusty ass! This goes for the rest of you ho*s! LEAVE ME AND MINE THE F**K ALONE!

Bow Wow continued to go off saying that he hated bloggers and wants to give away all of his money away, downsize and work at Gamestop. Bow Wow then tweeted that he would go see his therapist after he landed, hopefully, Bow’s therapist had time today. Personally, from the outside looking in this is why social media can be so damaging. Everyone has an opinion, and unfortunately anyone can post, and say anything they want freely. I also believe money can be the root of all evil. I'd love to hear your comments on the Bow Wow story.

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