Teen Burned and Hospitalized Doing The 'Hot Water Challenge'

At this point, we've seen almost every kind of challenge we can think of go viral from the Ice Bucket Challenge a few years ago to the In My Feelings Challenge that's everywhere right now. Drake has even seen his song get over 115 million streams due in part to the challenge created by Shiggy being so widespread. 

The next wave of challenges have been really lighthearted and at times pretty funny! The La Chona Challenge also has people 'dancing' outside of their cars, while the Zoom Challenge simulates speeding away while driving a car. Don't worry, the Zoom Challenge is actually just people pretending to be driving while on the floor or in a chair. They're supposed to get pulled away, but as our very own Crystal found out, it doesn't always go as planned:

Crystal’s Hilarious #ZoomChallenge –The @JV Show - Thumbnail Image

Crystal’s Hilarious #ZoomChallenge –The @JV Show

These challenges have all been massively successful and we love seeing them continue to grow! One new challenge has come out now though that we CANNOT get behind. In fact, the fact that this is even a challenge is sickening. 

Someone created a Hot Water Bucket Challenge where you pour hot water on someone. This is AWFUL. You would think it was common sense not to even touch boiling water, much less pour it on someone. If for some reason you're still reading this thinking "It doesn't sound that bad" then just ask 15-year old Kyland Clark. After looking at the challenge online, his friend in Indianapolis decided to do it while Kyland was sleeping! 

Kyland spent a week in the hospital and now has 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his face, chest, arms and back. 

This is NOT a fun challenge and NO ONE should try this. Again, DO NOT try this...ever. So sad that this is even a 'thing' at all.

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