Rapper 6ix9ine throws shade at Drake and Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj and Drake took to Instagram to throw some shade at the Bronx rapper’s new song with 6ix9ine “FeFe”. In a video, Nicki asked Drake “And you are?” Drake responded playfully, ‘What’s the name of that song? ‘FeFe?’ then the two erupted in laughter. 6ix9ine wasn’t having it as he commented on the post, “and our relationship ended today. I’m back to back page.”

 He then asked fans to remind Nicki that their relationship was over. So Nicki, being the peacemaker responded saying, “drizzy fux wit Tr3yWay tho breh. IJS.” Of course, I don't think this is serious at all in anyway but this is what 69 does LOL! Super dramatic and he'll basically do anything to get some more shine. 



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