YouTuber Jake Paul Challenges Chris Brown to a Boxing Match

YouTuber Jake Paul is definitely all about getting attention, much like his older brother Logan. Jake wants to fight singer Chris Brown to a boxing match.  Only one problem... a source close to Brown says the singer doesn't even know who Jake Paul is. Could he be saying that just to irritate him? "Chris has no clue who this Jake Paul is," the source told Hollywood Life. "He's not even on his radar, so he has no idea why he's name checking him. He assumes he's doing it just to get publicity." Jake Paul has over 16.5 million YouTube subscribers. On Saturday, he won a boxing match against fellow YouTube'er Deji. His brother Logan fought after him against KSI. 

What do you think? Should Chris Brown even take the bait? I think he should avoid Jake altogether. Clearly he just wants the publicity and Chris doesn't need it to be honest. 



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