Kanye West Explains Why He Wore Such Small Sandals

If you have a smartphone then you have definitely seen the photos and memes going around of Kanye West wearing these sandals at 2Chainz wedding, that are just too small for his feet. Apparently, Kanye has realized how much speculation his latest "fashion" move is under and decided to take control on his Twitter. First, he posted a tee shirt with sketch designs of the small sandal. Then, he went on to explain he's just wearing them "the Japanese way." The tweeted photo explains how the straps between your toes shouldn't be too tight, and how your foot should hang 1-2 cm off the back. Apparently, this helps prevent blisters and aid balance! While this may be true, Twitter still isn't having it as Ye's sandals are actually slides, so nothing is between his toes, and his foot hangs well beyond the recommended 1-2 cm.

Would you ever rock sandals like these after hearing his explanation?

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