Cardi B Allegedly Involved In Situation With 2 Dancers

I just want to state this is ALLEGED. It's not a fact but two strippers claim that Cardi B ordered an attack on them, after one sister claims she slept with Cardi’s husband, Offset. Jade says Cardi has been threatening violence on Instagram for months and was notified that she was a target of an attack on August 15th. Later that night she says she was viciously attacked by 5 people associated with Cardi. On August 29th Jade and her sister, Badie G say that came face-to-face with Cardi at Angel’s Strip Club and they were attacked with bottles and chairs being thrown at them after their performance. 

What's your take on this alleged situation? Do you believe Cardi's accusers or could this be out of spite and jealousy?



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