T-Pain Was Caught With A Gun At Atlanta Airport

T-Pain was leaving Atlanta on his way to Texas when his bag was flagged by TSA at a main checkpoint screening. They found a loaded Smith & Wesson .380 in his bag. The police were called and T-Pain along with his bodyguard were relocated to the Atlanta Police Airport Precinct. It was determined that it was T-Pain's gun and he has a permit to carry it. 

T-Pain got his gun back and he was released but the bodyguard might face charges because he was the one actually carrying the bag with the gun. He could face a charge of possession of a weapon at a TSA checkpoint.  Here's what I don't get even if you have a permit. Why even risk attempting to bring a firearm into an airport when you know how strict security is? Like, are you that much in danger where you have to carry a gun into an airport?



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