Halsey Addresses the Mac Miller tragedy and looks out for G-Eazy

TMZ caught up with Halsey at LAX on Sunday, the singer says that what happened to Mac Miller won’t happen to her boyfriend, G-Eazy. Halsey was asked how to handle dealing with someone who has drug issues. “It’s important to find friends that will listen and not make you feel like your bothering them with your problems,” Halsey responded. She was then asked if she was that “no person” for G-Eazy and she responded, “Yes, I am that person.”

 Halsey posted a really touching message about Mac Miller on her Instagram, she spoke on how Mac was a good friend to G-Eazy. It's good to see these two officially back together and seems like things are good. I think Halsey made a great point in regard to 'having good people around you' basically. What are your thoughts?



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