I'm Moving to Nights on WiLD 94.9!


You learned to love her on The JV Show, and now she's got a show all to herself! Crystal Rosas makes the move from mornings to nights on WiLD. You can now hear her Monday-Friday from 7pm to midnight on the Bay's #1 hit music station!

You may remember Crystal from her Challenge For Crystal videos, where JV sent her around the Bay to do all sorts of crazy and embarrassing stunts. There was also the time she wrote a diss track about her ex, the time she made it on TV during the Warriors watch party, or when she got called out for Photoshopping a bikini pic

Before she landed the gig as the JV Show's associate producer, Crystal started out as an intern when she was in college. She then landed her own spot hosting the Saturday Night Street Party here on WiLD. And now you'll be able to hear her every weekday night from 7-midnight, where she'll be joined by DJ Jeanine Da Feen for the 8 O'clock Hit Mix. 

Follow Crystal on all her social channels for more of her wild antics:


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