Bulow Talks Musical Inspirations, Skateboarding, & More!

We get to know Bulow on our original series "The Launch"! 

Bulow has been singing all her life. She picked up a guitar when she was just eleven years old and began song writing shortly afterwards. Her music is inspired by artist like Avril Lavigne and the Kooks, a band that brought her family together growing up.

"I really liked [Avril Lavigne's] IDGAF attitude and she kind of just did her own thing." In addition to singing, she picked up skateboarding a few months ago and shared that while on tour, her team makes sure to take breaks and skate. 

"It's that one thing that we always try to do - make one pit stop to skate whenever we get to the next destination." Despite singing all her life and constantly making music, Bulow says her first time on stage in 4th grade was terrifying (..and it's all on tape)! She also added that Frank Ocean and Chance the Rapper are some of her dream collaborations. 

Lastly, Bulow said that after tour, she plans on heading back to the studio and we can't wait to see what's next!

Watch the full episode of "The Launch" here:

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