Zendaya and More Marvel Actors Remember Stan Lee

There's no doubt that Stan Lee's death will impact a lot of us that grew up watching or reading all the amazing superheroes he created. 

However, a lot of actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe owe him so much more, check out some of their reactions to the legendary Stan Lee's passing.

Zendaya - Mary Jane


Robert Downery Jr.- Iron Man


Chris Evans - Captain America


Tom Holland - Spider-Man


Mark Ruffalo - The Hulk


Evangeline Lily - The Wasp


Hugh Jackman - Wolverine


Ryan Reynolds - Deadpool


Letitia Wright - Shuri


Sebastian Stan - The Winter Soldier


Jessica Alba - The Invisible Woman


Olivia Munn - Psylocke 


Josh Brolin - Thanos


Other Hollywood celebs are also sharing their grief over the passing of Stan Lee which shows the impact that Stan Lee had across many generations. 


Credit: Getty Images


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