Cris Cab Talks Working with Pharrell, Positive Energy, and Finger Painting!

On this episode of the Launch, we got to hang out with Cris Cab, an all around talented musician from Miami, Florida! He started singing when he was twelve years old, but has been musically inclined for some time, learning to play the guitar when he was nine and eventually picking up the bass, piano, and drums along the way.

Influenced by artists like Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, and Marvin Gaye, Cab is inspired by the positive messages and stories behind their music. He hopes to keep the positive vibes going in his own music.

"All their songs told a story and they meant something... I think that's something that a lot of music is missing today."

He also shared his first experience performing on stage at a school competition when he was just twelve years old. It wasn't until he was about seventeen or eighteen when he was a little more comfortable being a performer.

"Performing on stage is nerve-wrecking... it takes hundreds of shows before you get comfortable."

Having already worked with Pharrell Williams, Wyclef Jean, and Lenny Kravitz, Cris Cab feels incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with so many legendary artists early in his career. He considers both Pharrell and Wyclef mentors and hopes to collaborate more with Lenny Kravitz in the future.

Cris Cab is also a very talented painter - a self proclaimed Picasso when it comes to finger painting! It seems his creativity has no limits. In the meantime, see his amazing performance below!

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