Quinn XCII Talks Like Donald Duck And Reveals His Biggest Influences!

The one and only Quinn XCII spoke with us on The Launch about life, music, and more!

On The Launch, we always try to get a feel for how artists began their careers. Quinn XCII's story is one we can all relate to. He says his musical career began sometime around the fifth grade, but his love of music began when he first started singing in the shower.

He also went on to divulge his top musical influences. They included big names like Michael Jackson, Jack Johnson, Kid Cudi, and Ingrid Michaelson. He went on to explain:

"The whole mo-town era is like a massive influence on me. I grew up in Detroit so, just like, the really catchy melodies they had, I've always stuck with."

Then came our favorite part of the interview. We always ask artists for a Fun Fact about themselves. These have ranged from weird interests to unique talents, but we haven't gotten impersonations yet. Quinn XCII revealed that he can do a pretty stellar Donald Duck impression. It's really something that words cannot do justice. Check out the video below to hear it!

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