Field Of Snow Rolls Forms

This winter has been one of the worst for some states in the US.

In Washington State the wind is so strong that it's even creating snow rolls?! They're basically tumbleweeds made of snow. According to the National Weather Service,

These delicate formations need just the right mix of moisture, snow, wind, and temperature. The snow has to be a light dusting, sticky enough to adhere to itself but on a surface that it won’t cling to. The wind has to be strong enough to encourage these mounds of snow to curl up and form their signature loop, but not so strong that the whole thing gets blown apart. Alternatively, the snow could be on a hill and gently roll downslope to form the same shape.

It is very rare for a field of these snow tumbleweeds to form here in the US. Check out the pictures people put online from the US and other countries:

Photo Courtesy:Getty Images



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