9-Month-Old Puppy Shot In Dallas In Front Of Three Children

On February 28, around 5:00pm, a 9-month-old Labrador Terrier mix puppy, named Nolan, was shot in the face in front of three children. The children were ages 5-7, they were taking out the trash when an armed man in a black hoodie approached them outside of their apartment complex. The kids who witnessed this said the suspect just looked at them, said 'sorry,' and then shot the dog.

The dog suffered a major injury in the mouth after the bullet pierced it's mouth and exited through the jaw. The dog is now back home making a recovery after getting surgery.

Owner Genola Vance spoke with media outlet WFAA and said:

I think if Nolan wouldn't have run outside, maybe this man would have shot one of the kids. He took a bullet for my family... I'm just happy he's alive and I'm going to do whatever it takes to make him better.

The suspect is still not found, the Dallas Police Department has requested anyone with information to contact crime stoppers at 877-373-8477 or Detective H. Tame at the Animal Cruelty Unit at 214-671-0115



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