Nation's First Weed Cafe Opens in West Hollywood

People in West Hollywood will now have a place to get high and full. The nation will welcome its very first cannabis restaurant on October 1st. KFI News spoke with Lowell Cafe General Manager Lilly Estanislao, who said that guest can expect to walk into an indoor/outdoor oasis where they will be welcomed by flower hosts (aka a “budtender”) and have the ability to consume cannabis comfortably.

The restaurant is more than a chill zone with neon lights and bean bags that one might immediately think of after hearing "weed cafe". Guest can instead expect to see an open airy space filled with green plants lining the walls and a clean design.

Upon entry into the new cafe, a cannabis guide will talk with the guest regarding their past cannabis experiences. This step is crucial as the guide can then proceed to recommend safe and personalized amounts of cannabis for various levels of experience. A flower host will then walk guest through a menu of which marijuana strains they'd like to purchase. After a selection has been made, a server will present a food menu "that talks about foods that may be able to pair well with the strains of flower a host recommended." The food, however, is not cannabis infused. Estanislao says that will take some regulatory changes.

It is important to note that most products will be seasonal as they are supplied by the Lowell Farms organic cannabis farm in Santa Barbara County, according to LA Times. Lowell Farms is the backing company behind the new cafe.

A rabbi at a synagogue told KFI News that he is worried his congregation could get contact highs since the place is right across the street. To ease concerns, the restaurant installed a powerful air filtration system that takes all of the weed smoke, outdoors and indoors, and filters it out.

"I'd much rather have a contact high than get hit by a drunk driver," one resident told KFI's Monica Rix.

The restaurant opens October 1st and 10 a.m..

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