Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With WiLD 94.9

Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15 - October 15, our on air talent sat down to talk about their roots and where their family came from.

Selena is on the JV Show Monday to Friday from 6a-10a. Watch below as she explains how her family got to the U.S for greater opportunity.

Dreena Gonzalez celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by remembering the sacrifices her grandparents made for her to have a better future. Hear her Monday to Friday from 10a-3p!

For Hispanic Heritage Month, Gabby Diaz talks to us about her dad being from Guatemala and what being Latina means to her! Listen to Gabby Diaz Monday to Friday from 3p-7p!

Crystal Rosas celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month letting us know how much Latino culture is now apparent in the industry. You can listen to Crystal Rosas Monday to Friday from 7p - 12a!

Angelina celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month letting us know about her family background!

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