Jackson Wang Releases "Titanic" Music Video With Rich Brian

Jackson Wang Visits Music Choice

If you don't know Jackson Wang, it's time to get familiar.

Jackson is part of the KPOP group GOT7 but has been partnering with 88 Rising to put out his solo records. His new album Mirrors was just released today, October 25, and has a lot of catchy tunes. One that stood out to us was "Titanic" featuring Rich Brian.

The video is in black and white and starts off with Jackson doing a flip and the Kinjaz doing intense choreography. It's hard not to bounce to the bass of the beat as Jacksons voice flows smoothly. You can also hear Jackson doing what sounds like ASMR for the chorus when suddenly you get Rich Brians deep voice bringing the beat back.

Team Wang created a hit! Check out the video below.


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