Public Talk Love For Candy, Changing Their Band Name, & Their Influences

The band Public stopped by our WiLD 94.9 studio and we got to know more about them on this episode of The Launch.

Ben, John, and Matt started signing together at a school talent show and have been together ever since. They originally started as the band Crown,

Like right before we played that talent show, we needed a name. Crown...we actually had a song called Public and someone said we would run into trouble with the name Crown. We wanted a big one word name, also Public when you hear that name, we like that you can't assume what the genre is.

Ben loves the disco, 70's and funk era. John likes Blue's and classic rock, and is also inspired by music scores. Matt is influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and funk. The guys also really love candy. Anything from sour patch kids to hi-chews.

They have a lot to look forward to and are enjoying the attention their single "Make You Mine" is getting. Outside of touring they have been writing songs and have something special planned for Valentines day!

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