Oakland Community Members Get Together To Help Small Local Businesses

During the protests this past weekend, a lot of local 'mom & pop' shops and small businesses were affected in the East Bay. The Oakland community is now rallying up its members to help clean the shops. Many shops were vandalized with graffiti and have broken windows.

Businesses like Garden House on 15th St. had six windows smashed.

First of all we want to say we stand in full solidarity with Black people and are not angry that our shop was hit. We honestly just ask the community to stay vigilant and to protect each other - get organized, protect the youth who may be new to this especially. Garden house has been around since ‘91 and is now run by two Oakland-born and raised siblings and our immigrant mother. We have seen the heartbreaking changes in downtown and across Oakland over the past 10+ years of gentrification - our business was already struggling to survive. We know these injustices are directly a result of injustice against Black people and the working class. We will always stand in solidarity with our community. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

Oakland Indie Alliance has set up a fund to help small businesses.

The storefronts of our small, local, independent businesses have been damaged, in a time when small businesses are already struggling to survive. Please help support of repair fund so we can ensure the sustainability of our local small business community.

Other Oakland community members have set up a list of businesses that need help. You can donate to them through various apps and add your business here.

After seeing the amount of Black Owned, Small Businesses & Mom + Pop Shops that were harmed, vandalized, destroyed, burnt & trashes, I am creating a master list of places that need community support & help.


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