DJ Magic Matt is Going Viral On IG For Hilarious Video At City Nights SF!

Ya'll hear @MagicMattMix every morning here on @Wild949 and this hilarious video from when he spun at City Nights here in SF is going viral! LMAOO!

I've got the exclusive story of what happened! According to Matt, this video was taken during Valentine's weekend back in 2018 at City Nights right here in SF. There was a kissing contest going on for the club goers and this couple took it wayyyy too far! Matt said that luckily his equipment didn't get damaged or he was ready to throw hand LOL!!

Have you seen this video circulating on the internet yet? I've seen it posted to like 5 different meme pages haha. Check out Matt on IG HERE!

Photo: @MagicMattMix


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