Kodak Black Allegedly Deleted That $1 Million Pledge Tweet

The charitable side of Kodak Black was on display when the Miami rapper was vying to get out of prison. So much that he posted a Tweet promising to donate $1 million to charity, but now that Tweet has disappeared. 

The Tweet posted on November 27 read, "If the President Them Free Me, I'm Gonna Spend 1 million on Charity within The First Year I'm out. That's on Everything." 

Well, as you know by now the former president did indeed pardon Kodak, but now, that Tweet has disappeared. 

Kodak's attorney Bradford Cohen wasn't a fan of the Tweet from the beginning, and he said so in a statement that admitted the Tweet could've been seen as an attempt at a bribe. 

There have already been several bloggers questioning why he would have posted the Tweet in the first place. 

Do you think Kodak was wrong for posting and deleting the Tweet? Should Kodak get in any type of trouble for the Tweet? 

Photo: Getty Images

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